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Year 1999. Volume 7 (29)

Veterinary medicine

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R. R. Butautaitė, O. Kublickienė, A. Vyšniauskas. Micromorphological changes of Toxocara canis nematode under the action of pyrantel pamoate
J. Glamba. Bovine leukosis in Lithuania
V. Kaluina, V. Tamošiūnas, R. Ščerbavičius, E. Koženiauskas, V. Remeikis, J. Šiugždaitė, K. Lukauskas, J. Milius. Studies on epizootic state of poultry farms
J. Kvalkauskas, G. Augonytė. Treatment of non-infectious inflammation of joints in horses
J. Pieškus, M. Tamašauskas. Immunological aspects of bovine leukemia
J. Šiugždaitė, S. Ambrozienė. The pathogens of goat mastitis
J. Žymantienė, B. Girnius, Z. Bereznevičius. An effect of pollen on the haematological indexes, growth, consumption of oxygen of piglets and comparison with ferolit and suiferovit


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A. Amšiejus, J. Straigis. Influence of upper bee-entrance on wintering of bees in a sixteen-frame hive
A. Juozaitis, V. Juozaitienė. Feed digestibility of holsteinizated Lithuanian Black-and-White cows
J. Kulpys, A. Stepaniukas, S. Mikulionienė. The determination of digestibility of feeds by Hohenheim feeds evaluation test
R. Ruibys, J. Vasiliauskas. Influence of Lysozyme G3x and Amilosubtilin G3x on pork quality
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