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Year 2000. Volume 11 (33)

Veterinary medicine

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E. Aniulis, S. Japertas. Efficiency of veterinary preparations in treatment of cows with subclinical mastitis
R. Freigofas, A. Daugdchies, W. Leibold, A. Joachim, H.-J. Schuberth. Comparative estimation of proliferative responses of porcine mononuclear cells in vitro by means of BRDU-ELISA and flow cytometry
R. Freigofas, W. Leibold, A. Daugschies, H. – Joahim Schuberth. Mitogenic effect of cell stimulators on swine lymphocytes in vitro
V. Gylys. Quantitative changes of t-, b-lyphocytes in the peripheric blood of calves
Ž. Kleiva, P. Mačiulskis. Development of captive-born bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus ponticus
V. Lasys. Pecularities of the localisation of immunoreactive substance p in the dog corneal nerve plexus
A. Matusevičius, S. Dabužinskas, G. Daugnoras, A. Stankevičius. Toxicity parameters of kamavetas solution and its suitability for parential use
J.Sutkevičius, B.Bakutis, A.Černauskas. Influence of micotoxin zearalenon on the function of sow’s liver
E.Svaldenienė, M.Paunksnienė, V.Babrauskienė, S.Trumpickaitė-Dzekčiorienė. Estimation of the dimensions of canine eye ball, orbit and scull


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Algirdas Januškevičius, Ona Vaitčiulaitienė. Essential amino acids in products and feeds
Algimantas Mikelėnas, Nijolė Štuopytė. Correlation of swine feed intake, daily gain and carcass quality
Birutė Staniškienė, Richard Palavinskas, Christian Boess. Study of concentration of heavy metals in fish
J.Šeškevičiene, H.Jeroch, L.Degutytė, I.Slankevičiūtė, H.Kluge, A.Dolbusin, K.Oloff, R.Gružauskas, G.Juodeikienė. Chemische Zusammensetzung in Litauen angebauter Winterweizengenotypen (Triticum aestivum sp. Vulgare)
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