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Year 2000. Volume 9 (31)

Veterinary medicine

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Jonas Bagdonas, Gediminas Gerulis, Violeta Baliukonienė,Vitalija Bagdonienė. An examination of bioimmunological features of chlamydio
Justinas Antanas Dobilas. Investigation of particle dispersivity on spraying disinfective and other solutions with the electroaerosol sprayer UEP-1
Audrius Kučinskas, Kazys Vytautas Trainys. Why some broiler chickens die in different postures?
Ramūnas Žalys. Influence of opioid growth factor [Met5]-enkephalin on hematologic parameters of nu/nu mice


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Giedrė Augonytė, Bronius Bakutis. Comparison of methods used for evaluation of fodder contamination by mouldy fungi and their toxins
Jonas A. Balžekas. Efficiency of gabon PA 92 in fighting Varroa jacobsoni Oud mites
Dalia Garalevičienė, Kęstutis Šerėnas, Bronius Bakutis, Birutė Staniškienė. Thin layer chromatography of fusariotoxins deoxynivalenol (DON) and T-2 toxin
Vida Juozaitienė. Productivity characteristics of Lithuanian red cows breed and their inheritance coefficients
Vytautas Juraitis, Zinaida Mažeikienė. Nutritional value and chemical composition of different sorts of hay
Jurgis Kulpys. Investigation of directions and development of fodder economy, during intensification of cattle-breeding
Dalia Matyžiūtė. Efficiency of nutritious material assimilation with the fermentative preparation complex MEK-CL in feed of laying hens’
Alfredas Motiejūnas, Andrius Stepaniukas. The problem of radioactive iodine isotopes in livestock
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