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Year 2001. Volume 13 (35)

Veterinary medicine

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V.Bižokas, V.Malijev. Radiation antigen and specific means for diagnostics an therapy
A.Černauskas, G.Daunoras, A.Matusevičius, K.Lukauskas. The effect of calcium and magnesium gel given per os on the some blood serum biochemical parameters of pregnant cows and on the prevention of milk fever
A.Grigonis, A.Matusevičius, A.Stankevičius. Antimicrobial activity in vitro and in vivo saline solutions of phenols and quarter derivatives of ammonium
J. Lapienis, V. Zaras. The treatment of suppurative wounds
V.Liutkevičienė, J.Bagdonas, M.Stankevičienė, V.Baliukonienė, L.Ganusauskaitė, G.Gerulis, K.Masilionis, A.Stankevičius, O. Akunytė. Prevalence of chlamydiosis in Lithuanian canine population
G. Liutkevičius. The peculiarities of the topography of arteries and veins in the region of the eyehole in cattle
M. Malakauskas, J. Margelytė, G. Januškevičienė. Distribution of fatty acids in subcutaneous fat in some animals species
A.Mlečkienė, Z.Mažeikienė, E.Jonaitis. How ageing affects respirartory system in the dog
S.Petkevičius, K.E.Bach Knudsen, P.Nansen. The influence of soluble and insoluble carbohydrates on the establishment of Oesophagostomum dentatum and on already established infection in pigs
A.Pilinkienė, J.Pieškus. Bovine viral diarrhoea: etiology, immunopathology, diagnostics and control
L. Šernienė, E. Gedgaudas, H. Žilinskas. Effect of bovine serum albumin on diluted with bts boar semen quality
J.Šiugždaitė, E.Kevišas. Indirect immunofluorescence method for detection Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in smears from bronchi
R.Želvytė, A.Sederevičius, J.M.D.Enemark ir R.J.Jørgensen. D- and L- lactic acid analysis in urine and milk of cows before and after calving


ArticleSummaryFull text 
Z.Bartkevičiūtė, J.Černauskienė, A.Černauskas. Effectivity of the pre-starter Multi-Pekoni for piglets
R.Gružauskas, S.Danius, I.Kraujutienė, A.Racevičiūtė-Stupelienė, J.Šeškevičienė, I.Jančienė. Nutritive value of peas and possibilities of their use in Iza Vedetefeeds for cross Bred Hisex brown hens broiler-chicks
Č.Jukna, P.Matusevičius. Die Verwedung Multienzymkompositionen in der Kalberration
M.Kapočius, S.Danius, R.Gružauskas, V.Šašytė. Quality of rape products and using for broiler-chicken nutrition
A.Motiejūnas, A.Stepaniukas. Accumulation of radioactive strontium isotopes in animal products
H. Stankevičius, M. Stankevičienė, A. Šalaševičienė. Changes in the physical, chemical and technological characteristics of pig meat during technological process
R.Stankevičius, J.Kulpys, A.Januškevičius, I.Jančienė. The evaluation of fodder by detergent fibre
J. Špakauskienė. The influence of weight on the productivity of I - II - III lactation cows
B.Staniškienė, R.Bliumbergas, H.Medekšienė. Investigation of contamination of vegetable oils made in Lithuania by chlororganic compounds
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