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Year 2001. Volume 14 (36)

Veterinary medicine

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N.Bauzaite, A.Mleckiene. Estimation and causes of increasing prostate of dogs
J. A.Dobilas, J.Lapienis. The treatment of leptospirosis infected pigs with levoeritrociklin
S.Japertas, E.Aniulis. IgG and IgM level in blood serum for healthy cows in calf and heifers and the ones with subclinical mastitis
E.Kevisas. Porcine respiratory reproduction syndrome
I.Klimiene, V.Spakauskas, L.Jodkonis. Blood biochemical and cytological indices in healthy and with osteomaliation OR milk fever cows
P.Maciulskis, K.Lukauskas, J.Milius, R.Kliucinskas. Prevalence, prevention and control of bovine spongiform encephalopathy
M.Malakauskas, J.Grikieniene, G.Januskeviciene. Sarcocystosis in wild game
A.Noreika. Treatment of the follicular conjunctivitis in dogs
A.Pockevicius, P.Maciulskis, K.Lukauskas, J.Milius. Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in Alytus and Kaunas counties
A.Sederevicius, J.Kantautaite, R.Sutkeviciene, V.Oberauskas, V.Bizokas. Variation of pH, titratable acidity and vitality of L. plantarum U-14, L. fermentum U-5 strains, and their mixture
A.Stimbirys, G.Januskeviciene, A.Mleckiene, J.Vaitkus. Gross lesions and histological changes in organs and tissues of naturally infected by toxoplasma gondii pigs
J.Zymantiene, Z.Beresnevicius. Changes in the iron and copper cocentrations in blood serum of the rabbits under the influence of physiologicaly active micromineral supplementation 1-fenil-2-pirolidin-4-karboksi-1 iron, copper, cobalt sulphate and zinc acetate natrium salt


ArticleSummaryFull text 
R.Jokubka, I.Miceikiene. Stress gene prevalance in boars of different artificial insemination stations
V.Juozaitiene, A.Zakas. Selection of black-and-white cows by somatic cells amount in milk
J.Kucinskiene, I.Miceikiene. Investigations of free from BLAD gene and BLAD carriers
K.Pauliukas, A.Masiuliene. Comparison of diary production and reproduction indicators of selected Black and White, Holshtein cows and their F1, F2, F3, and F4 generations
A.Simkus. Probiotic "YEASTURE" influence over growth of calves
S.Tusas, I.Miceikiene, R.Bilskiene, S.Trumpickaite-Dzekcioriene. Lithuanian native and black and white cattle craniological analysis
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