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Year 2004. Volume 26 (48)

Veterinary medicine

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J. Bagdonas. History of taxonomy and uptodate classification of Chlamydia
N. Sutkevičienė, H. Žilinskas. Sperm morphology and fertility in artificial insemination boars


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Z. Antoszkiewicz, J. Tywończuk, P. Matusevičius. Effect in indusion of sunflower cake and enzymatic preparations diets for growing pigs
S. Florek, C. Purwin, D. Minakowski, M. Stanek, M. Trędowicz. The influence of formic acid additives on the quality of silage from different plant material
J. Gardzielewska, Z. Tarasewicz, D. Szczerbińska, M. Jakubowska, T. Karamucki, W. Natalczyk-Szymkowska. Modification of quail meat quality with oligosaccharide feed supplementation
Č. Jukna, V. Jukna, A. Šimkus. Influence of composition of probiotics and phitobiotics on heifers grown for the breed
J. Kulpys, A. Stepaniukas, R. Stankevičius. Optimierung der Rationzusammensetzung für Wiederkäuer in Bezug auf Kohlenhydratanteile und –struktur
D. Oberauskas, V. Juozaitienė, J. Darbutas, J. Lavrinovičius, V. Čiukauskas. The influence of breed on reproduction characteristics of Lithuanian Red and Red-and-White cows population
B. Staniškienė, D. Garalevičienė. The amount of heavy metals in fish meat and bones
Ž. Lukšienė. Photodynamic eradication of naturally occurring tumors in veterinary practice
Ž. Lukšienė, D. Pečiulytė, A. Lukauskas. Photodynamic inactivation of harmful and pathogenic microorganisms
P. Matusevičius, R. Šliaudarytė, Z. Antoszkiewicz, A. Bednarska. A natural way to improve productivity of rabbits using probiotic YEASTURE
A. Racevičiūtė Stupelienė, V. Šašytė, R. Gružauskas, S. Danius. Comparative evaluation of nutritional value of compound feeds for chicken broilers using thermal treated peas and supplement of enzyme preparation Rovabio Excel Ap
V. Šašytė, A. Racevičiūtė Stupelienė, R. Gružauskas, V. Tėvelis. The influence of synthetic enzyme phytase (Ronozyme P) on utilization of phosphorus and calcium in broiler chickens fed diets with increased amount of rape cake
S. Šatkauskas, G. Saulis. Electroporation as a tool for biotechnology and medicine with specific emphasize on its application for drug and gene delivery. Review
G. Saulis, S. Šatkauskas. Electroporation of biological membranes
S. Slavėnaitė, D. Butkauskas, A. Sruoga, E. Mozalienė. Comparative investigations of mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) genomic DNA using chicken and duck specific microsatellite primers
A. Sruoga, A. Paulauskas, D. Butkauskas, J. Skonsmanas, E. Mozalienė, S. Slavėnaitė. Preparation and application of immunostimulating material technology against coccidiosis
N. Vansevičienė, A. Paulauskas. Using of molecular biology me-thods for detection of apoliporoteine E gene polymorphism
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