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Year 2006. Volume 33 (55)

Veterinary medicine

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I. Aleksėjūnienė, A. Aleksėjūnas, J. Šilkūnaitė. Serological investigation of avian influenza in wild birds neighbouring large-scale poultry farms in Lithuania
G. Piličiauskienė, S. Veličkaitė, L. Daugnora. The osteometrical analysis of metacarpal and metatarsal bones in Lithuanian horses (VII-XVII centuries)
A. Šalomskas, V. Mockeliūnienė, E. Jacevičius, R. Lelešius, R. Mockeliūnas, R. Kliučinskas, S. Petkevičius. Diagnosis and prevention of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and bovine viral diarrhoea in Lithuania
V. Žilaitis, A. Banys, R. Maruška, G. Vorobjovas, V. Žiogas. The impact of gynecological condition on biochemical blood and milk composition in dairy cows


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G. Garmienė, A. Šarkinas, A. Šalaševičienė, A. Baltušnikienė, G. Zaborskienė. Biogenic amines in cool smoked sausages with biological additives
Č. Jukna, V. Jukna, A. Baltušnikienė. Comparative analysis of meat characteristics in modern selection of Lithuanian Black-and-Whites and Lithuanian Red cattle
Č. Jukna, V. Jukna, A. Korsukovas, J. Sargiūnienė, M. Škėmaitė. Freezing and storage influence on meat quality
J. Kondratowicz, I. Chwastowska, P. Matusevičius. Sensory quality of pork and total microbial count depending on deep-freeze storage time and thawing method
J. Kondratowicz, I. Chwastowska, P. Matusevičius, J. Gardzielewska, K. Skibniewska. Effect of the packaging method on the sensory and microbiological properties of broiler chicken breast muscles stored in controlled atmosphere
E. Pärna, H. Kiiman, O. Saveli. Sustainability aspects in Estonian cattle breeding
R. Petraškienė, I. Miceikienė. Influence of Holstein genes in bulls genotype on the reproduction traits of their daughters / 59
S. Ryselis, D. Baranauskienė, R. Naginienė, O. Abdrachmanovas, A. Stepaniukas, L. Šernienė. Influence of sulphide, selenide and lead ions on the activity of delta-aminoleavulinic acid dehydratase in blood of experimental animals in vitro
S. Tušas, J. Tacas, R. Mišeikienė, I. Libnickienė. Using of neutral anolite ANK for sanitary inspection of milking equipment
R. Volskienė, I. Miceikienė. Prion protein gene polymorphisms in Lithuanian coarsewool native and Lithuanian blackface sheep breeds / 80
S. Wajda, T. Daszkiewicz, G. Januškevičienė, J. Dailidavičienė. Fattening results and carcss quality of young bulls produced by mating Polish Black-and-White cows to Charolaise and Simental sires / 84
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