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Year 2006. Volume 34 (56)

Veterinary medicine

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Evaldas Diržinauskas, Algis Noreika. Comparison of the different therapy methods of prolapsed gland of the nictitating membrane in dogs
B. Karvelienė, V. Riškevičienė. Changes in genital organs in sows during estrus cycle
Eglė Kudirkienė, Henrikas Žilinskas, Jūratė Šiugždaitė. Microbial flora of the dog eyes
Violeta Mockeliūnienė, Algirdas Šalomskas, Raimundas Mockeliūnas, Vida Liutkevičienė, Ilona Aleksėjūnienė, Loreta Šernienė. Evaluation of sensitivity and specificity of virus neutralisation test and competition elisa for antibodies to bvdv detection in cattle
Vaidas Oberauskas, Rasa Sutkevičienė, Jonas Laugalis, Rasa Želvytė, Ingrida Monkevičienė, Jonė Kantautaitė, Antanas Sederevičius. The effect of probiotic Yeasture on the growth, microflora of the digestive system and health of neonate calves
Marija Paunksnienė, Vida Babrauskienė, Eglė Svaldenienė, Alvydas Paunksnis, Skaidra Kurapkienė. The relationship of the lens nucleus ultrasonic and mechanical properties in dogs
Giedrė Piličiauskienė, Jurgita Baublienė, Linas Daugnora. Sexing of cattle on the basis of the osteometry of metacarpal bones (XVI – XVII centuries)
Neringa Šinkūnienė, Henrikas Žilinskas, Jūratė Šiugždaitė, Marek Gaworski. Microbiological investigation of edible acid casein
Vytautas Špakauskas, Irena Klimienė. Investigations of efficacy and toxicicy of a new antiseptic gel for treatment of udder skin diseases


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Nijolė Pečiulaitienė, Ilona Miceikienė, Ramutė Mišeikienė. Distribution of milk protein Alfas1?kapa casein genotypes combinations and their link with productivity in Lithuanian dairy cattle breeds
Katarzyna Śmiecińska, Stanisław Wajda, Paulius Matusevičius, Birutė Staniškienė. Fattening results, slaughter value and meat quality of heifers and young bulls fed different diets in the last four months before slaughter
Jolanta Stankevičiūtė, Stasys Juknevičius. The effect of carbohydrate suplements on the acidity reduction of smoke-dried sausages of shorter gestation
Antanas Šarkinas. Dependency of the resistance of microorganism cultures under frozen storage on the medium composition and storage temperature
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