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Year 2002. Volume 18 (40)

Veterinary medicine

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R. Aukštikalnienė, O. Kublickienė, A. Vyšniauskas. Histological and histochemical changes of Toxocara canis nematode under the action of nitroskanate in vivo
R. Aukštikalnienė, A. Vyšniauskas, O. Kublickienė. Histological and histochemical changes of Toxocara canis nematode under the action of levamisole in vivo
A. Banys, V. Riškevičienė, L. Šernienė, H. Žilinskas. The pecularities of the sex organs development and of pubescence of the pure – bred and cross – bred gilts
L. Daugnora. Analysis of cattle metacarpal bones dated from the XIII to XVII th centuries
G. Gerulis, J. Bagdonas, M. Stankevičienė. Pig enzootic abortion study
A. Grigonis, V. Mačijauskas, G. Zamokas. Parvovirosis in dogs and factors influencing their morbidity
E. Jonaitis, Z. Mažeikienė, A. Aniulienė, A. Pockevičius, A. Januškevičius. Wellness of tame pigeons under the influence of feed with impurity of weeds seeds
I. Klimienė, V. Špakauskas, J. Bertašienė. Changes of creatin kinase activity in blood serum of cows with milk fever
I. Klimienė, V. Špakauskas. Reconstitution of the quantity of macroelements in blood of cows with milk fever by means of calcium preparations
R. Lelešius, V. Sereika. The studies of efficacy and expediency of various vaccination schedules against porcine parvovirus infection in pigs of different immunological structure
R. Lelešius, V. Sereika. The studies of immunological structure for porcine parvovirus infection in swine herds in Lithuania
A. Stankevičius, A. Šalomskas, V. Mockeliūnienė, M. Stankevičienė, J. Pieškus. Application of one tube reverse transcription and nested polymerase chain reaction (rt-nested pcr) for rapid detection and differentiation of pestiviruses
J. Šiugždaitė, K. Garlaitė, V. Laurinavičiūtė. The effect of vaccination with inactivated vaccine Respisure against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae


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J.N. Jørgensen, M.K. Sørensen, and P.H. Petersen. Simulations on Cooperative Breeding between Nordic Red Dairy Cattle Populations with Diverse Objectives
S. Landgraf, R. Roehe, A. Susenbeth, U. Baulain, P. W. Knap, H. Looft, G.S. Plastow and E. Kalm. Biological growth model as a new selection strategy for improvement of feed efficiency in swine
H. Luehrs-Behnke, R. Roehe, E. Kalm. Genetic associations among traits of the new integrated breeding evaluation method used for selection of German warmblood horses
S. Mikulionienė, R. Stankevičius. Grass silage chemical composition, nutrition value and digestibility
V. M. Rutkovienė. Organic livestock production in lituania: situation and perspectives
M. Tapio, I. Grigaliūnaitė. Is there a role for mitochondrial inheritance in sheep breeding?
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