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Year 2003. Volume 22 (44)

Veterinary medicine

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E.Birģele, A. Ilgaža. Age and feed effect on the dynamics of animal blood biochemical values in postnatal ontogenesis in calves
J. Klimaitė, R. Maruška, V. Žilaitis, A. Motiejūnas. The electric water use in vitro
A. Pockevičius, P. Mačiulskis, K. Lukauskas. Immunopathomorphology of bovine tuberculosis
A. Sederevičius, H. Jeroch, R. Urbaitytė ir L. Danyla. L-carnitine chemistry, metabolical and clinical functions, deficiencies. Its effects in animals productivity and reproduction. A literature review
A. Šarkinas, A. Šipailienė. Predestination of food safety by natural ingredients


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J. Jatkauskas, V. Vrotniakienė, J. Kulpys. Grass conservation and efficiency of silage additives
Č. Jukna, V. Jukna, A. Šimkus, J. Laugalis. The effect of probiotic YEASTURE on calves’ growth, forage digestibility and health state
V. Juozaitienė. The increasing of selection efficiency by improvement of the black and white cattle population in Lithuania
H.Kaldmäe, M.Vadi, R.Kirsel, A.Olt. Effect of growth stage of legumes on silage digestibility
O. Kärt, E. Rihma, S. Tölp, T. Kaart. Dry matter intake of the first-parity cows, bred in Estonia, at the beginning of lactation
D.Keidāne, E.Birģele. The efficacy of feed on the intra-ruminal and intra-abomasal ph dynamics in goats
J. Malevičiūtė, S. Tušas, I. Miceikienė. Genetic diversity of four Lithuanian cattle breeds based on blood plasma protein and erythrocyte antigen system polymorphism
A. Mikelėnas, A. Mikelėnas. Lean meat of pork and its carcasses estimation by different methods
M. Ots, O. Kärt. Effect of grain species on purine derivative excretion via urine in feeding leguminous silage to rams
E. Paulauskas, J. Kulpys. The effect of the ratio between metabolizable energy of a diet and digestible lysine on pig succulence
D. Ribikauskienė, I. Povilauskas. Phenotypic evaluation of stress–susceptibility of purebred Lithuanian White and crossbred pigs of various breeds
Ž. Sederevičiūtė. The effect of enzyme compositions on the feed utilisation in the organism of lying hens
J. Šeškevičienė, H. Jeroch. Chemische Zusammensetzung und Futterwert fur Geflugel von Rapskuchen aus geschälten Samen. 1. Mitteillung: Chemische Zusammensetzung
V. Šterna, A. Jemeļjanovs. Comparison of fatty acids and cholesterol content in the milk of Latvian cows
V. Vrotniakienė. Carcass traits and meat quality of Lithuanian Black and White bulls offered different silages
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