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Year 2005. Volume 31 (53)

Veterinary medicine

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V. Bandzaitė, I. Klimienė, V. Špakauskas, J. Šilkūnaitė. Parathyroid hormone, calcitonin and vitamin D influence on calcium, phosphorus and magnesium level in healthy and sick cows / 5
N. Goranov, N. Vidinov. Ultrastructural investigations on stifle joint articular cartilage in dogs treated intraarticularly with sodium monoiodoacetate / 10
A. Grigonis, V. Lasys,V. Mačijauskas, E. Stanevičius, G. Zamokas. Influence of age, breed and sex on chronic renal failure morbidity in dog / 15
A. Grigonis, A. Matusevičius, J. Dobilas, M. Virgailis, A. Stankevičius. The effect of aerosol and electro aerosol quaternary ammonium saline solutions on bacteria on horizontal and vertical surfaces / 20
K. Lukauskas, A. Sederevičius, S. Urbienė, J. Balsytė. The effect of feed supplements with enzymes and vitamins on milk quality / 27
J. Milius, K. Lukauskas, V. Tamošiūnas. The costs on investigation of bovine viral diseases in Lithuania in 2000-2004 / 37
A. Rutkauskas, H. Žilinskas. Postpartum ovarian follicular dynamics and estrus activity using prostaglandin F2A in dairy cows / 43


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M. Flis, A. Maślanek, Z. Antoszkiewicz. Growth performance, nutrient digestibility and protein utilization in growing pigs fed naked oat with ß-glucanase supplementation as a substitute for wheat / 49
I. Jančienė, J. Kulpys, S. Rimkevičius, V. Švedaitė. The effect of fodder additive genex for pig fattening / 53
A. Januškevičius, O. Vaičiulaitienė, K. Šerėnas. Fresh vegetables – vital sources of nutritious foods / 59
J. Juśkiewicz, Z. Zduńczyk, P. Matusevičius, Ł. Brzuzan. Effect of low-digestible carbohydrates on caecal ammonia concentration in rats and turkeys / 63
I. Klimienė, R. Mockeliūnas, Č. Butrimaitė-Ambrozevičienė, R. Sakalauskienė. The distribution of dairy cow mastitis in Lithuania / 67
E. Paulauskas, J. Kulpys, A. Jerešiūnas, R. Stankevičius. The influence of feed supplements with selenium for growth of beef cattle / 77
R. Petraškienė, I. Miceikienė. Analysis of factors influencing days open period of Black and White cattle in Lithuania / 83
D. Sekmokienė, V. Speičienė, A. Šalaševičienė, G. Garmienė. Determination of chitosan in food products / 87
R. Skinkytė, L. Zwierzchowski, L. Riaubaitė, L. Baltrėnaitė, I. Miceikienė. Distribution of allele frequencies important to milk production traits in Lithuanian Black & White and Lithuanian Red cattle / 93
J. Stanczuk, Z. Zdunczyk, J. Juskiewicz, J. Jankowski. Indices of response of young turkeys to diets containing mannan-oligosaccharide or inulin / 98
A. Šipailienė, A. Šarkinas, P. R. Venskutonis. Influence of media parameters on antimicrobial properties of plant extracts / 102
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