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Year 2002. Volume 20 (42)

Veterinary medicine

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R. Baltaduonytė, P. Mačiulskis, A. Noreika. Prevalence of equine chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Lithuanian
N. Baužaitė, A. Aniulienė. Incidence of pathology in dogs prostate and its histomorphology
J. M. D. Enemark, R. J. Jørgensen, P. St. Enemark. Rumen acidosis with special emphasis on diagnostic aspects of subclinical rumen acidosis: a review
R. Mosenthin. Current concepts of protein digestion and absorption in the pig review
A. Sederevičius, V. Oberauskas, J. Kantautaitė, R. Sutkevičienė. The effect of multifold lyophilization on the probiotic properties of Lactobacillus
M. Stankevičienė, A. Stankevičius. Seroprevalence of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv) in Lithuanian pig farms
J. Žymantienė, A. Sederevičius, A. Černauskas, V. Kairevičius. Changes of glucose, carbochydrates and lipids in blood of different breeds of dogs
Č. Neviera, A. Tuminienė. Compatibility investigation of Marek´s and Gumboro vaccine virus strains in vivo


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J. Jatkauskas. The influence of silages made from different raw on rumen metabolism of fattening bulls
H Jeroch, J. G. Brettschneider, W. Böttcher, W. Peter, J. Šeškevičienė, M. Prinz. Einfluss von Rapsöl und Leinöl im Legehennenfutter auf das Fettsäurenmuster des Eidotterfettes
V. Jukna. Beef meat production and quility of the lithuanian red cattle and their hybrids
V. Juozaitienė, H. Jeroch, S. Rimkevičius, S. Kerzienė, J. Šeškevičienė, J. Kulpys, Z. Bartkevičiūtė, J. Černauskienė. Neue Futtermischung für die Schweineleistungsprüfung
G. Lengerken, S. Maak, M. Wicke. Muscle metabolism and meat quality of pigs and poultry
J. Malevičiūtė, L. Baltrėnaitė, I. Miceikienė. Domestic cattle breed diversity in Lithuania
M. Paleckaitis, A. Masiulienė. Dynamics of genealogical structure of Lithuanian Black and White cattle population
V. Priudokienė, D. Gudavičiūtė. The influence of Biomin P.E.P.-1000 on the growth and meat quality indices of chicken broilers
A. Sruoga, S. Janušonis, D. Butkauskas, E. Mozaliene, V. Razmaitė. Genetical markers in studying differentiation among domestic geese
A. Sruoga, R. Juodka, E. Mozalienė, D. Butkauskas. Genetic differentiation of pure chicken lines of "Lohman White LSL" cross
V. Šileikienė, R. Mosenthin, R. Claus, M Gutscher, M. Tafaj, R. Gružauskas. Development of Gut Function in Piglet during the Transition from Liquid to Solid Feeding
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