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Year 2003. Volume 24 (46)

Veterinary medicine

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J. Bagdonas, N. Nekrošienė, I. Bulsienė. Seroepizootic survey of tick-borne encephalitis in animals
R. Baltaduonytė, P. Mačiulskis, N. Baužaitė, A. Noreika, J. Šiugždaitė, A. Kučinskas. The changes of the clinic and trachea secretion of the horses with COPD
D. Garalevičienė. Effect of antioxidant preparation “Oxynil” on health status and productivity of laying hens fed naturally moulded feed
V. Laurinavičiūtė, J. Šiugždaitė, D. Urbšienė. Diagnostic of goats subclinical mastitis and isolation of pathogens
M. Malakauskas, G. Januškevičienė, J. Vaitkus. Amount of heavy metals – lead, cadmium and mercury – in wild game samples hunted for food
E. Nahkur, M. Jalakas, V. Andrianov, E. Ernits, E. Järv. A comparative anatomical study of the pelvis in the contemporary and medieval cow and elk
I. Pakštytė, A. Matusevičius. Some medicinal substance influence on rumen protozoa, gas formation and foam suppresson in vitro
E. Svaldenienė, V. Babrauskienė, Marija Paunksnienė. Structural features of the cornea: light and electron microscopy
J. Šiugždaitė, H. Žilinskas. Detection of MCS4 RNA genes in Mycoplasma capricolum subsp. capricolum type strain California kid and strain GM262G
V. Žilaitis, R. Maruška, A. Brinkys. The use of enzyme preparations for the treatment of cow endometritis


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L. Baležentienė. Fodder galega‘s (Galega orientalis Lam.) green mass and silage quality
A. Januškevičius., G. Januškevičienė. The linseed-cake in the feeds of laying hens
Č. Jukna, N. Kvietkutė, B. Girskienė. The influence of genotype on meat quality during technological processing
R. Kazernavičiūtė, D. Gruzdienė. Oxidative stability of rapeseed oil in emulsion and during deep frying
K. Ling, H. Jaakson, J. Samarütel, A. Leesmäe. Metabolic status and body condition score of Estonian  Holstein cows and their relation to some fertility parameters
A. Mikelėnas, A. Mikelėnas, M. K. Rasmussen, A. Muzikevičius. Quality indicators for pig carcasses of pigs herds and their dependence form the fibres of skeletal muscles
S. Mikulionienė, S. Būdvytis, G. Povilaitis. Emission of ammonia in single type livestock buildings
V. Petrauskas, A. Savilionis, E. Bičius, A. Zajančkauskas, E. Aniulis. Control of milking process by thermoenergetical characteristics of milk flow
B. Staniškienė, R. Bliumbergas, H. Medekšienė. Analysis of pork and beef contamination with organic chlorine  compounds
A. Šalaševičienė, H. Stankevičius, M. Stankevičienė, V. Liutkevičienė. Virus influence on the technological characteristics of pork water holding capacity
A. Šimkus, A. Šimkienė. Probiotic PACIFLOR  influence on calf viscera development
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