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Year 2004. Volume 25 (47)

Veterinary medicine

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G. Kučinskienė, J. Pieškus. Application of cells membrane immunofluorescence method  for autoimmune haemolytic anemia   diagnostic in dogs and comparison of mif with coomb’s agglutination test
J. Laugalis, I. Monkevičienė, R. Želvytė, A. Sederevičius, J. Ramanauskienė, S. Makauskas, J. Kantautaitė. The impact of different feeding technologies on the ruminal fluid parameters in dairy cows
J. Laugalis, R. Želvytė, J. Ramanauskienė, I. Monkevičienė, A. Sederevičius, S. Makauskas, J. Kantautaitė. The influence of different feeding technologies on the rumen microflora in  dairy cows
R. Mockeliūnas, P. Šakys. Effects of trace elements on nonspecific resistance of calved cows
V. Oberauskas, R. Sutkevičienė, J. Kantautaitė, A. Sederevičius. The effect of Lactobacilli plantarum and fermentum on the total count of enterobacteria and lactobacillus in the faeces of neonate calves
J. Sutkevičius, J. Bertašienė. Amount of alanine aminotransferase, aspartat aminotransferase and alkaline phosphatase in blood serum of Lithuanian Black and White cows
V. Špakauskas, I. Klimienė. Research of efficacy and toxicity of lincolistin


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G. Arbatauskienė, A. Sederevičius, J. Kulpys, R. Gružauskas, B. Bakutis. Enhancement of feed quality and safety systems during the period of Lithuania’s integration into the EU
S. Juknevičius, A. Žilinskienė. Influence of scaled composite forage to overweight of fattening pigs and rates of carcass
G. Juodeikienė, V. Kunigėlis, D. Vidmantienė, W. J. de Koe. Acoustic screening method for the determination of deoxynivalenol (DON) in wheat
V. Juozaitienė, A. Juozaitis. Selection-genetic parameters according to the feed consumption of pigs
A. Liutkevičius, A. Šarkinas. Studies on the growth conditions and composition of kefir grain - as a food and forage biomass
P. Matusevičius, A. Januškevičius, A. Gugołek, A. Žilinskienė. The effect of use of synthetic methionine in foxes (Alopex lagopus L.) feeds
R. Petraškienė, I. Miceikienė. Influence of Holstein genes on Black and White bulls breeding value
M.  Stanek, C. Purwin, S. Florek. Nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance in fattening pigs fed diets containing yellow lupine seeds and enzymes
V. Šašytė, R. Gružauskas, A. Racevičiūtė Stupelienė, V. Tėvelis. Use of phytase preparation Ronozyme P made from Peniophora lycii culture in the feeding of laying hens
Vaida Šileikienė, R. Mosenthin, D. Kruszewska, B. Krasicka, S. G. Pierzynowski. Effect of intraruminally and intraduodenally infused short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) on pancreatic juice outflow in sheep
Z. Zdunczyk, J. Jankowski, J. Juskiewicz, J. Stanczuk, M. Wroblewska. Response of young turkeys to diets containing flavomycin, mannan–oligosaccharide or inulin
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